Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

//Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

Do You Need A Personal Injury Lawyer

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CONTACT US. The process starts when you contact us either by phone or by the “Free Case Evaluation” form in the upper left-hand corner of this page. A Potential Client Assistance Paralegal who specializes in traffic and car accident cases will be assigned to you and will immediately begin assisting you. More on this website

YOUR QUESTIONS WERE ANSWERED. Your paralegal will start by answering your initial questions and concerns. One of our traffic and car accident attorneys will answer specific legal questions.

EVALUATION PERFORMED. One of our top car accident attorneys will perform an initial evaluation of your case for you. The evaluation will include: (1) the chances of winning your case; (2) the compensation you are entitled to; (3) how long car accident cases like yours take to complete; and (4) much more.

OPTIONS EXPLAINED. Armed with an understanding of your goals and an evaluation of your traffic or auto accident case, we will explain and discuss your options.

ADVICE. We will advise you as to what we believe is your best course of action. You will then have the option of hiring us. If your case does not meet our case criteria, we will refer you to attorneys who handle your specific type of case.

HIRE US. Once you hire us, we will review the entire process your accident case will go through. We will provide you with very specific flow charts showing the course your traffic accident case will take. The flow charts are designed for a visual reference when we discuss your case, where we are with your case, what has been accomplished and what is ahead of us.

PRE-LITIGATION DEPARTMENT. Assuming your case is one we believe can be settled without litigation, your case will be assigned to the pre-litigation department. Most traffic accident cases (auto, pedestrian, bicycle, truck, bus, and motorcycle accidents) fall into this category. The department is headed by a Senior Partner, the Office Administrator, and the Pre-litigation Team Leader. Your assigned paralegal will contact you immediately to introduce themselves and get to know you. Your paralegal will handle the administrative functions of your case for the Senior Partner. You will receive a detailed flow chart that visually shows your claim’s steps from beginning to end. The flow chart is designed to help you understand the settlement process, let you know where your claim is in that process, and show you what is left to be done.

LITIGATION DEPARTMENT. Assuming your case is one we believe will not likely settle favorably with you without litigation (auto defects, contested liability, dangerous roadway design, or maintenance), your case will be assigned directly to one of our four litigation teams. Each team is made up of a senior attorney and a paralegal. The paralegal will contact you immediately to get to know you and introduce the team to you. A Litigation Partner, Office Administrator, and Litigation Team Leader head the litigation department. You will receive a detailed flow chart that visually shows you the steps your case will take from beginning to end. This flow chart is much different than the pre-litigation flow chart. The litigation flow chart will show you the various steps your case will take through the litigation process.

WHILE YOUR CASE IS GOING ON, your paralegal will be your point of contact and will be available to you almost all during business hours while your case is ongoing. Usually, your paralegal will be available to you within minutes of your call. Suppose your paralegal isn’t available within minutes. In that case, you will always get a return call within one business day at the latest and usually within the same day if not within the hour (vacations excepted). Your paralegal will call you to provide you with updates at least every 30 days.

AFTER YOUR CASE. After your case, the Administrative Department will take over your file. The Administrative Department will collect the money recovery from your subject, deposit it into a State Bar of Texas overseen trust account, negotiate any liens (with your permission/instruction), and prepare a “Disbursement Authorization” for your approval. The Disbursement Authorization accounts for all your case fees, costs, and bills and lays out exactly how much money you will receive. Once your funds are collected and you approve the disbursement of the funds, you receive your check.

HOW LONG WILL MY TRAFFIC COLLISION CASE TAKE? We have finished claims in under 60 days and had cases going nearly ten years (through appeals). Both are extremes. The single most influential factor in how long a car accident case takes is how long it takes our client to complete medical treatment. Generally, we do not want to settle a claim without our clients fully recovering from their injuries. Only after a full recovery can we accurately evaluate the full extent of our client’s injuries and the full value of the compensation they are entitled to. Our average car accident claim takes less than 12 months to conclude. Cases against automakers for auto defect issues or against a governmental agency for a dangerous roadway condition take much longer. Auto defects, difficult roadway design, and contested liability cases take two to four years to conclude if there is no appeal. An appeal itself can easily take three years.
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